iPhoneography Street Portrait

Street Portrait Tutorial

100% iphoneography


Learn how to take an edit a stunning street portrait using just an iPhone in just 11 steps


Model: Charlotte Li (london/Shangai)

Photographer: Alvaro Arregui

Edition: Alvaro Arregui



Step 01


To take amazing Street Portraits, first you need to have:

- 1 iPhone

- 1 Stylus (buy from £4 )

- 1 Ring light (buy from £20)

Then all you need are some victims (-_^)


Step 02


When taking the picture, try to tap focus on the face, by doing this you’ll get the best quality and dynamic range of light, otherwise you can burn the face and you’ll lose tons of detail.

You can open Camera+ to check picture info details

Step 03


Now open Camera + & save the image 2 times using 2 different effects, one at a time.

1 – Open the original image with Camera+, apply Flash and save

2 – Open the original image with Camera+ (not the one with flash effect applied) , use now Clarity and save the file,

Now you have 3 different images: The original, the one with Flash effect and a third one with Clarity effect applied


Step 04


Now use Juxtaposer to combine the 2 retouched images and use the best of both.

1 – load the Flash effect resulting image

2 – load now the Clarity effect resulting image

3 – Place them correctly one on top of the other

4 – Use Erase to eliminate the face and background, so we’ll just keep the hair and clothes in the top image.

By doing so, we’ll keep the extreme detail of the Clarity resulting image and the softness of the Flash one.

Step 05


Check the resulting image comparing it with the original on the left.

Now…let’s go further (-_^)

Step 06


Open the retouched image on Filterstorm

1 – Sharpen 14% (or similar) the entire picture. This will focus your picture a bit more (-_^)

2 – Use Hue/Saturation to warm the picture’s white balance a bit

Step 07


Now use Blur using the Brush to mask the face and set make the skin look smoother and younger. Like in the magazine covers (-_^)

1 – add level of blur

2 – mask the face using the brush

3 – Erase a bit around the edges so you’ll end up with a more realistic effect .

Step 08


1 – Make the face stand out add a vignette effect, but try not to make it too obvious (-_^)

2 – Add some noise to make the retouched skin look more realistic


Step 09


By using Tone map, you’ll increase the contrast and sharpening of the entire picture, use this effect carefully or you’ll end up with a scary portrait instead of a lovely one (-_^)

Step 10


Save the file and now you have 3 different images;

1 – the original (on the left)

2 – the one resulting using Juxtaposer

3 – the one resulting by using Filterstorm

Step 11


Now the last step, you follow this or not (-_^)

Open the latest resulting image on Instagram and apply Valencia effect.

Now you have done a perfect stunning iPhoneography portrait (-_^)